Saturday, April 15, 2006

Other Saginaw Business CLOSINGS

Other Saginaw businesses CLOSED.

No photos available for these locations as of yet.

- Big Daddys (State Street) CLOSED - still VACANT
- Mancinos (State Street) CLOSED (replaced by mexican diner)
- Panarama Video (State Street) CLOSED (replaced by thrift shop)
- Levi's Restaurant (Bay Road) CLOSED 2005 (replaced by Chinese buffet)
- Four Plays (Bay Road) CLOSED 2005
- Mama's Kitchen CLOSED (Bay Road) (replaced by mexican diner)
- Franks Nursery (Bay Road and State Street) CLOSED
- JC Penny (State Street) CLOSED - reoccupied by AJ Wright, which later also CLOSED

- ??? Office building (Gratiot in front of Kmart) CLOSED & VACANT FOR YEARS
(need to get a photo of this one, a major eyesore)

Added Photos & Details (May 2006)
- China King
(State Street, across Walmart) CLOSED 2005
- Pep Boys Auto Service
(Tittabawassee, Near Bay) CLOSED 2004 - still VACANT
- New Edge Technology (Tittabawassee, Near Bay) location CLOSED and moved 2004
- Rit Drum & Guitar (State Street, across Walmart) CLOSED 2005 - VACANT
- Chi Chi's Restaurant (Bay Road) CLOSED - STILL VACANT
- Dairy Queen (Bay Road) CLOSED (replaced by buffet restaurant, which recently CLOSED too)


Anonymous said...

I had no idea that a few of these locations were closed. It's amazing that the township can't attract more business to those prime locations. You missed that eye sore of a building in front of K-mart on Gratiot that's been vacant as long as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

You might as well add Eaton to your list. When I started there, employment was about 1,000 people. Today, we're down to less than that 200, and the number keeps dropping as people leave. The plant is scheduled to close early next year, as production moves to Mexico, where they pay workers about $2 an hour.
NAFTA in action!!

Anonymous said...

While many people want to open businesses, the cost of updated the building to new codes and the fact foriegn landowners want to much. Does very little to help? Check the records. Green Acres is owned by an Australian corp and many others are owned by other people not from Saginaw, nor ties to Saginaw.

Anonymous said...

The Historic Bearinger building may be the next to be torn down. It recently underwent foreclousure and all tenants told to leave.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your website and this is so sad that it makes me sick. I grew in Saginaw but moved to St. Paul after college. Every time I come home, things are even more pathetic. It is very, very sad. A friend of mine is opening a business in Michigan. I just flat out think that she is crazy. I say, "Get the hell out of there." It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.