Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 Update

Newly vacant
BP Gas station (State Street and center) - CLOSED - Vacant
1st Wok Restaurant (State Street) - Closed - new owner
Resale Store (State and Center) - Vacant

Still abandoned after many many years!
Pep Boys building on Tittabawassee
Bank on Gratiot rd near Center
KMart On Gratiot rd

Torn down!
Restaurant on Bay Rd, south of Weiss (used to be Chinese place)
Marathon gas (Midland rd and Gratiot) - Demolished

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hello, and welcome. Here you will find an ongoing list of the many Saginaw Township area businesses that have CLOSED in the last few years. All of the featured photos were taken From 2006 to 2009. The date of this post will be the last updated date.

Photos not all available, but will update the postings for new CLOSINGS. Its been a tough year for Saginaw.

These are real photos of real businesses that have either closed their doors or are in the process of doing so. Has there ever in the history of Saginaw Township been so many VACANT businesses?

While it is true that not every business can make it, and many do fail. But why are so many long standing businesses in Saginaw closing down recently? Why all the empty buildings? Compare the landscape to Bay City and Midland surrounding areas. Those communities don't seem to have the same effects.

Feel free to post your comments about this site, or about any location closing, or just general opinions about what is happening to the Saginaw area business community. The citizens of this community need to speak up and do something! Contact your local officials and congressmen too. Make a difference!

UPDATE: April 28, 2016
Many years have gone by since the blog was last updated and after seeing the Saginaw community continue to decline, I have decided to work on adding more recent closings and related posts. Stay tuned for more to come!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oct 2009 update


There have been a number of changes over the summer and this blog is in the process of being updated.

Newly vacant

Princings Pharmacy (State Street)
Carpet World (State Street / Wieneke)
Powerhouse Gym (state street)

Now occupied

Former Chi Chis Building is now a mongolian restaurant *finally occupied
Former Don Pablos location is now Harvey's
Former Dairy Queen (Bay Rd), then Chinese eatery, is now a Baskin Robbins
Former Levis (Bay Rd), then Buffet Max, is now another Chinese place

Eaton - after moving to Mexico it didnt work out and got relocated back to the United States, However, it did not come back to Saginaw, or even Michigan for that matter... sad..

Lets make this a group effort.. If you know of any closings or openings that are not listed here for 2009, please reply to this post and let everyone know.. thanks!

Peace and prosperity to all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circuit City Bay Road Saginaw

Saginaw Circuit City

Soon to be CLOSING

ALL NATION WIDE LOCATIONS as Circuit City goes bankrupt.

Located right next to the now empty old Media Play store, we will now add Circuit City to the list of Saginaw closed businesses. This one hit like a ton of bricks and the site was not even on the secret "forecast list". This closing would not be attributed to Saginaw's economy but rather the U.S. economy as a whole since the entire chain is going under. It's a sad time to see that the banks get the bailout, the automotive giants get the bailout, but large retailers that have been around for 60 years.. well you're on your own.

Kinkos Fed Ex Saginaw

Kinkos Fedex Saginaw, Tittabawassee

Another shocker that comes like a wave during same time period of closings by Steve and Barry's and now Circuit City. This one along with those others were busy businesses. They were stores that brought value to the community. Not that restaurants don't but its clear restaurants come and go. These are chain stores that have been in Saginaw for years. We have all been there. Circuit City inspired competition from Best Buy if you went TV shopping. Steve and Barry's let you could get some cool college clothes cheap,, and with Kinkos you could get your copies made, packages shipped, all within one a square block... What more could you ask for??

As the writer of this blog, I have to say this closing was more alarming and disturbing than any of the others. Kinkos bailing out was a huge disappointment to Saginaw business climate.

I spoke with an employee at the office just before it was closing, and they explained their take on the reasoning behind it.

"fedex looked at their sales figures from the last 2 years from July 2006 to July 2008 and they werent where they needed to be, even though the location showed numbers far above average since July 2008."

They ending up closing a several offices nationwide, and 2 from Michigan (the other near Detroit). Kinkos still operates a location in Bay City.

other closings within that square block
(pep boys, don pablos, chi chis, circuit city, buffet max, dairy queen, linens and more)

(no photo available)

Linen's N Things Saginaw

Linen's N Things Saginaw

more info to follow..

Texan Bay Road

Texan Bay Road
CLOSED, and now REOCCUPIED by a Mexican eatery.

This American restaurant located right by the mall has been in operation for a long long time. To see it close down was a shock. But luckily, a restaurant right down the street moved right in. Let's hope that one lasts as long.

Texan on state street still in operation, but has endured some large price hikes over the years.

(no photo)

Steve and Barry's Saginaw Bay Road

Steve and Barry's Saginaw Bay Road
Fashion Square Mall
CLOSED, now REOCCUPED (with something unknown)

This was another shocker for last quarter 2008. A major retailer to shut its doors and went out of business.

photos coming soon.. (maybe)

Paradise Island Tanning Saginaw State Street

Paradise Island Tanning Saginaw State Street

It lasted a few years and then went out just like all the others in the same strip mall. Left next to it is still the dollar store, a borics, and a sally's beauty supply store.

no photo yet..

Buffet Max

Buffet Max Bay - Road, Saginaw

This location on Bay Road took over the old Levi's Saloon (also listed in blog which moved to state street). Buffet Max survived a couple years, and now out of business. Next door sits another foreign cuisine eatery that went under, formally a thriving Dairy Queen.

photos to come..

Carpetworld Saginaw State Street

Carpetworld State Street Saginaw

On the corner of State and Wieneke this retailer took over the closed CVS building (which erected and lasted a few months til they closed all Michigan locations). Carpetworld survived a few years, and closed it doors at the end of 2008. Another vacant building on a main road in Saginaw.

Photos to come..

Kroger Saginaw State Street

Two Saginaw KROGER locations CLOSED and VACANT

Kroger decided to CLOSE two of its locations and open up a new larger store in the old Farmer Jack location (shown in this blog). Though the business still operates in town, it is still "technically" a closing since we now have 2 more building that are VACANT and are FOR SALE. Add the other Kroger building on Tittabawassee which closed a few years ago and remains vacant.. then subtract the new one and we still have -2, right?)

No photos of any locations yet, as this is a recent development.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

RJ's Bay Road Saginaw

Lots of saloons tried it here. Cheap Charlies, Bubba's, and then RJ's.

This one now OUT OF BUSINESS.


Burger King - Bay Road

The Big K (Burger King) used to operate at Bay and Mcarty for years until moving down the street. Now this location closed and no more King anywhere near Bay Road.


Farmer Jack demolished

April 9, 2008 - The Farmer Jack building gets demolished. FINALLY!

More about Farmer Jack here

Dawn Donuts State Street


Powerhouse Gym - Bay Road

MOVED to Green Acres Plaza, State Street, Saginaw


Saginaw Trade Center - Bay Road


Comfort Zone Bay Road


Cafe Suz Gratiot Road


Bye Bye Eaton Part 3

April 9, 2008 - The demolishon continues.
Left part of front wall still standing.

Bye Bye Eaton Part 2

April 3, 2008 demolishion of last Eaton plants.

The Saginaw Strip Malls - A curse?

There looks to be a pattern here.

Strip mall + Saginaw = FAILURE.

Just look at these examples:
Bay Road - Kmart building and strip mall - VACATED (1 tenant)
Bay Road - Old Powerhouse Gym strip mall VACATED (1 tenant)
State Street - Green Acres strip mall (2-3 tenants)
State Street - Walmart Strip mall (3-4 tenants)

A large number of companies found at those locations are now OUT OF BUSINESS.
These strip malls are now only wasted land that makes the area look like a ghost town.
Who owns them? Are they responsible for their downfall?
Why have so many businesses failed in them?
Why do they stay vacant so long?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sears Parts and Service Saginaw

After Dephi and Eaton, this looks to be the 3nd largest single building in Saginaw. It's actually a warehouse that used to have Sears Parts and Service, Michigan Delivery Service, and JC Penney. This place was in operation for decades, and now just sits there as another VACANT building. Will it ever open it's doors again? It doesn't look too promising. Sears Parts has since moved down the street in the Staples strip mall (Tittabawassee).

UPDATE - April 2008

now listed "For Sale"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kwik Way Midland Road Saginaw

This is 2nd party store at this location to go under. Its also the longest time the building has been VACANT in 20 years.



April 2008 update - BUILDING VACANT AGAIN

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saginaw Closings - Official 2007-2008 List

We have documented the many Saginaw closings here. But here is a list over only the MOST RECENT CLOSINGS (over last 6 months), and some "risky" predictions too.


- Don Pablos CLOSED (vacant)
- Value City Department Store CLOSED (in process)
- Golden China (bay rd) CLOSED (reoccupied)
- Saginaw Photo (Green Acres) CLOSED (in process)
- American Video (Gratiot) CLOSED (vacant)
- Mid Michigan Music (Bay Road) CLOSED (vacant)


- That drive through Coffee shop on Bay Rd will close.
- The Cash store on Tittabawassee will close.
- New Chinese restaurants will emerge
- Chi Chi's across from the mail will still be vacant.
- 99.9% probability all CHAIN drug stores will remain open.

Updates to follow...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Saginaw Photo Closing


Just announced on the news, Saginaw Photo will be permanently closing.
Updates and photos to come.

Friday, February 08, 2008

McDonald's Washington

This used to be McDonalds on Washington. It's not clear if it is being rebuilt. I did hear something about it being infested with cock roaches and contaminated. Please post updates.

Unknown Bank Tittabawassee

There are banks going up all over the place lately. This one didnt make it which is a shocker. Banks usually stick around or get bought out. At least it's not as bad of an eye sore as the old bank on Gratiot.

American Video Gratiot Road

Panarama Video closed, and it didnt take much longer for this one to hit the fan as well. There's still Blockbuster right?

No new occupants. It remaines another VACANT building.

UPDATE: 1Q 2009 - Building RECOCCUPIED (tenant unknown)

Zabro's Pizza Bay Road

This was a different kind of business - an "all you can eat" pizza place. It made it a couple years and now its another empty building... located right in front of the busy Best Buy store.

*note, I may have spelled the name of the place wrong.

Mid Michigan Music Bay Road

The 3rd music shop in Saginaw to be CLOSED.
Mid Michigan Music still operates offices in Bay City and Midland, Michigan.
Seems it's just Saginaw that wasn't working out?
Is Guitar Center next?

Guardian Auto Glass Bay Road

This business on the busy corner of Shattuck and Bay Rd. is believed to have moved.

The building has remained VACANT for some time now.

The 2 drug stores across the street sure seem to draw traffic.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Value City Bay Road Closing

Value City department store on Bay Road in Saginaw will be closing it's doors for good.
The furniture business (left side of property) would remain open.

Closes for good on April 15, 2008.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bye Bye Eaton

January 30, 2008 - Demolished! Gone are the buildings of used to be one of Saginaw's top employers, Eaton Corporation. After a half decade in operation with thousands of jobs, Eaton took advantage of the tax and wage savings and relocated these operations to Mexico. This isn't about a bankrupcy, not about a small company closing down, ..but rather a large manufacturing plant MOVING to another country... sad sad..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Town Cafe State Street Saginaw

Posted 4/15/06 - Bill Knapps operated here for many years.
It was CLOSED.
Town Cafe later opened, then CLOSED.

UPDATE January 2008

Building torn down to replace it with actually what we need in this town, another Drug store! Yes more top quality high paying jobs for the area (sarcasm)...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Don Pablos goes OUT OF BUSINESS


01 08 2008

Don Pablo's of Saginaw has recently declared Bankruptcy and will be the latest restaurant in Saginaw to CLOSE.

Updates and photos of yet another VACANT building to come.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

End of Summer update

Just checking in here... A few updates for Winter 2007, but not much.
Thanks for sharing your opinions.. please keep the dialog going, and keep talking, keep doing what ever we can to save this town.

A few updates in the last month.

Fazoli's - State street - TORN DOWN!
Country Grains Bakery - OUT OF BUSINESS and now recently TORN DOWN
Bill Knapp's / Town Cafe Restaurant - Green Acres State Street - TORN DOWN and a new building now going UP.

way to go people! Now if we can only get them to get to the old bank on Gratiot in front of K-mart!

Saginaw had some new sales over the summer - Tommy K's, Sebalds - both of which are still left UNOCCUPIED. What gives?

Looks like ANOTHER drug store is going up in the Green Acres Plaza lot (Rite Aid) - Though personally I would much rather see a good restaurant. We have plenty of drug stores already, and if people really need drugs they will DRIVE to get them, right?


Chi Chi's - Bay Road - it was supposed to go up for auction, and reported a medical office would move in, but no updates yet.
Mannion Brothers - State street - still UGLY! yet there is a nice pretty Manards just down the street.
Sebalds Bakery - State Street - SOLD months ago - but why is that ugly thing still there? The owner's need to get on it.
Pep Boys - Tittabawassee Rd - yep, still an UGLY eyesore!
Media Play - Bay Rd. - Lots of space, no business. More UGLYNESS
Farmer Jack - APRIL 2008 - TORN DOWN! State Street
Big Lots - State Street - yep more green acres plaza, which will stay empty, unless a new drug store chain comes in.

I hate to keep ranting about these buildings, but if we are going to aim for progress let's set our sites on these. Talk about it. Tell people. Tell you officials. Do something to make a difference.

Until the next update... we're still here alive in Saginaw.

Friday, June 01, 2007


- Fazoli's State Street Saginaw
- Mancino's Bay Road Saginaw - another eyesore
- Mid Michigan Music Center - what a shame!
- AJ Wright State Street Green Acres plaza - a surprise?
- Pizza Buffet Restaurant Bay Road Saginaw

There are a few others that to add later....


New Rental business occupies the old Tractor Supply on Midland Road.
Qwik way building on Midland Rd, now occupied.
The news reported that Chi Chi's property had been purchased.
Clark Gas on Gratiot Rd Shields, now occupied.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pep Boys Saginaw

This business went up and OUT in no time flat. Just down the road from Sears Tire and Service and Firestone it was one of the largest full service Automotive places in town. Bigger than Discount Tire, Goodyear, and Firestone together. Maybe Saginaw wasn't ready for it, who knows. But if you look in the Meijers parking lot across the street you will now find ANOTHER big tire service business, "Bell" Tire and Service. Gee, who wants to re-occupy an empty building anyway, right? Good luck to Bell. The Pep boys building remains another VACANT building adding to Saginaw's "Ghosttown" image.

Pep Boys Auto Service
Tittabawassee, near Bay