Friday, February 08, 2008

McDonald's Washington

This used to be McDonalds on Washington. It's not clear if it is being rebuilt. I did hear something about it being infested with cock roaches and contaminated. Please post updates.

Unknown Bank Tittabawassee

There are banks going up all over the place lately. This one didnt make it which is a shocker. Banks usually stick around or get bought out. At least it's not as bad of an eye sore as the old bank on Gratiot.

American Video Gratiot Road

Panarama Video closed, and it didnt take much longer for this one to hit the fan as well. There's still Blockbuster right?

No new occupants. It remaines another VACANT building.

UPDATE: 1Q 2009 - Building RECOCCUPIED (tenant unknown)

Zabro's Pizza Bay Road

This was a different kind of business - an "all you can eat" pizza place. It made it a couple years and now its another empty building... located right in front of the busy Best Buy store.

*note, I may have spelled the name of the place wrong.

Mid Michigan Music Bay Road

The 3rd music shop in Saginaw to be CLOSED.
Mid Michigan Music still operates offices in Bay City and Midland, Michigan.
Seems it's just Saginaw that wasn't working out?
Is Guitar Center next?

Guardian Auto Glass Bay Road

This business on the busy corner of Shattuck and Bay Rd. is believed to have moved.

The building has remained VACANT for some time now.

The 2 drug stores across the street sure seem to draw traffic.