Tuesday, September 18, 2007

End of Summer update

Just checking in here... A few updates for Winter 2007, but not much.
Thanks for sharing your opinions.. please keep the dialog going, and keep talking, keep doing what ever we can to save this town.

A few updates in the last month.

Fazoli's - State street - TORN DOWN!
Country Grains Bakery - OUT OF BUSINESS and now recently TORN DOWN
Bill Knapp's / Town Cafe Restaurant - Green Acres State Street - TORN DOWN and a new building now going UP.

way to go people! Now if we can only get them to get to the old bank on Gratiot in front of K-mart!

Saginaw had some new sales over the summer - Tommy K's, Sebalds - both of which are still left UNOCCUPIED. What gives?

Looks like ANOTHER drug store is going up in the Green Acres Plaza lot (Rite Aid) - Though personally I would much rather see a good restaurant. We have plenty of drug stores already, and if people really need drugs they will DRIVE to get them, right?


Chi Chi's - Bay Road - it was supposed to go up for auction, and reported a medical office would move in, but no updates yet.
Mannion Brothers - State street - still UGLY! yet there is a nice pretty Manards just down the street.
Sebalds Bakery - State Street - SOLD months ago - but why is that ugly thing still there? The owner's need to get on it.
Pep Boys - Tittabawassee Rd - yep, still an UGLY eyesore!
Media Play - Bay Rd. - Lots of space, no business. More UGLYNESS
Farmer Jack - APRIL 2008 - TORN DOWN! State Street
Big Lots - State Street - yep more green acres plaza, which will stay empty, unless a new drug store chain comes in.

I hate to keep ranting about these buildings, but if we are going to aim for progress let's set our sites on these. Talk about it. Tell people. Tell you officials. Do something to make a difference.

Until the next update... we're still here alive in Saginaw.

Friday, June 01, 2007


- Fazoli's State Street Saginaw
- Mancino's Bay Road Saginaw - another eyesore
- Mid Michigan Music Center - what a shame!
- AJ Wright State Street Green Acres plaza - a surprise?
- Pizza Buffet Restaurant Bay Road Saginaw

There are a few others that to add later....


New Rental business occupies the old Tractor Supply on Midland Road.
Qwik way building on Midland Rd, now occupied.
The news reported that Chi Chi's property had been purchased.
Clark Gas on Gratiot Rd Shields, now occupied.