Saturday, April 15, 2006

Manion Brothers State Street Saginaw CLOSED

What a story this is. Manion Brothers used to be located just down the street before they were bought out my Walgreens and had to move. They got a brand new building on busy State Street, but unfortunately the newer superstores such as Lowes and Home Depot knocked them out. Gone are the days of the local small town hardware stores. The building remains empty. And guess who's sign is posted? Miller Group! No surprise there.



saginaw for sale said...

ok what i cant figure out is why did they build 2 auto part stores right down the street, as NEW construction.. what is so wrong with this building they cant use it?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't necessarily the big businesses that knocked this place out of business. It was more like lack of organization and a mass amount of emplyee theft! When I say mass amount I mean literally hundreds of thousands of dollars lost due to employees robbing the owners blind! Never before have I seen a person able to steal brand new $10,000 mowers, but it happened here!

Anonymous said...

this building is now occupied by under the rainbow resale shop