Friday, October 23, 2009

Oct 2009 update


There have been a number of changes over the summer and this blog is in the process of being updated.

Newly vacant

Princings Pharmacy (State Street)
Carpet World (State Street / Wieneke)
Powerhouse Gym (state street)

Now occupied

Former Chi Chis Building is now a mongolian restaurant *finally occupied
Former Don Pablos location is now Harvey's
Former Dairy Queen (Bay Rd), then Chinese eatery, is now a Baskin Robbins
Former Levis (Bay Rd), then Buffet Max, is now another Chinese place

Eaton - after moving to Mexico it didnt work out and got relocated back to the United States, However, it did not come back to Saginaw, or even Michigan for that matter... sad..

Lets make this a group effort.. If you know of any closings or openings that are not listed here for 2009, please reply to this post and let everyone know.. thanks!

Peace and prosperity to all.


Anonymous said...

The Baskin Robbins used to be a Greek restaurant not Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Westside Auto Service
7492 Gratiot Rd, Saginaw, MI
They were located at the corner of Gratiot and Center in front of the Kroger/Kmart plaza for a long time.