Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circuit City Bay Road Saginaw

Saginaw Circuit City

Soon to be CLOSING

ALL NATION WIDE LOCATIONS as Circuit City goes bankrupt.

Located right next to the now empty old Media Play store, we will now add Circuit City to the list of Saginaw closed businesses. This one hit like a ton of bricks and the site was not even on the secret "forecast list". This closing would not be attributed to Saginaw's economy but rather the U.S. economy as a whole since the entire chain is going under. It's a sad time to see that the banks get the bailout, the automotive giants get the bailout, but large retailers that have been around for 60 years.. well you're on your own.


geewhy said...

First, this is an amazing site. But I have a blog about Flint, so I'm into...what?...decline, maybe?

Anyway, my girlfriend and I went to the Circuit City near San Francisco for their final sale. Talk about depressing. They were selling the carpet squares from the floor for $1. Walking through the debris, I really felt the economic downturn. I mean I've been worried for months, but this was a visceral reaction. There was an air of total desperation in that place.

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