Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Saginaw Strip Malls - A curse?

There looks to be a pattern here.

Strip mall + Saginaw = FAILURE.

Just look at these examples:
Bay Road - Kmart building and strip mall - VACATED (1 tenant)
Bay Road - Old Powerhouse Gym strip mall VACATED (1 tenant)
State Street - Green Acres strip mall (2-3 tenants)
State Street - Walmart Strip mall (3-4 tenants)

A large number of companies found at those locations are now OUT OF BUSINESS.
These strip malls are now only wasted land that makes the area look like a ghost town.
Who owns them? Are they responsible for their downfall?
Why have so many businesses failed in them?
Why do they stay vacant so long?


MrsLilypond said...

The Green Acres Plaza actually being renovated, a new company has bought it, the rents of the current businesses still there have been reduced. (the was part of why so many business had gone out, the old company was charging outrageous amounts for rent)

They also have stores & such set to go in once renovations are complete.

My hubby know someone who was involved in the planning.

saginawforsale said...

Finally some results! Great to see something happening.

J. Moyer said...

Green Acres was my playground. I remember when there was an arcade in the back near the hair salon and Mr. Van's shows. Fanny Farmer and the Goodie Closest. A&P turned Save-a-Center, the movie theater, McCrory's (Kresgies before that) where you can go in and spin a wheel in the back resturant area to see if you get a free sundae. What wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

[UPDATE]: Many of the Areas in Walmart,On State Street, have gone into business again.