Wednesday, April 09, 2008

RJ's Bay Road Saginaw

Lots of saloons tried it here. Cheap Charlies, Bubba's, and then RJ's.

This one now OUT OF BUSINESS.



Anonymous said...

i love the saginaw "closings" blog that you have going here.. it's f'ing brilliant! You even have pics! I look forward to contributing as soon as I get a chance, this is classic Saginaw!

Laverty said...

Yeah, this was originally Holly B'Golly's, or something like that. They had great popcorn.

Anonymous said...

I believe that RJ's closed due to liquor license violations. Your blog is depressing and so typical of a Saginaw resident who is more interested in looking at what is negatively impacting our community as opposed to getting out there and making a positive impact. Obviously you have time on your hands, why not use it for good?